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What is Deadline Junkies?
A development lab for professional screenwriters.

What is the goal?
Sell scripts

What happens?
Three table reads with professional actors in front of a fourteen smart, articulate, Hollywood scribes. After each read the room exchanges ideas on how to improve the story.

Can I hear a sample?
Yes. Click here.

How often do you meet?
Every Tuesday evening.

How does it work?
Each week 3 screenwriters bring in 25-30 pages of new material. Professional actors perform the material onstage. After each read we conduct a 15 minute development discussion on what works and what doesn't.

What movie genres do you cover?
Action comedy, romantic comedy, dark comedy, horror comedy -- basically anything with the word "comedy." We've done some sci-fi stuff too and even a killer sci-fi comedy. So if you want in, but you don't have a comedy script, this is probably a good time to start writing one.

Who is in this thing?
Check out our bio page to learn more about our produced members.

Where do you meet?
Open Stage West (Annex)
- directions
14336 Ventura Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 91423

Every Tuesday from 7:15PM - 10:00PM.

How much does it cost?
Actors and auditors pay nothing. Member scribes pay $30 a month. Dues cover the cost of our nice, clean, air conditioned, 46-seat theater.

How many members are there?
active writers. 200+ actors, auditors, producers, directors and other friends of the group.

If I get in, how often will my work be read?
Member scribes must present new work every 4-5 weeks.

How do I become a Deadline Junkie writer?
1) sign up to attend
2) audit a meeting (or two)
3) submit a comedy writing sample
4) accept our invitation
5) pay your dues
more details >>>

Who runs this thing?
Writer-Director Adam Strange.

What's the parking like? Does it really suck?
Not at all. We have a parking garage below the theater and plenty of street parking. Meters run until 8:00PM.

I'm super busy. Do I have to come every week?
No. But if you want your stuff read, you have to come. Active writers with pathetic attendance get taken off the schedule with relative ease. If we are going to make a commitment to your project, we want your commitment to ours. Sound reasonable? It really is. :)

I'm a beginner. Is there a chance in hell I'll get in?
It's not likely. We have quite a few beginners who come to learn, but we usually don't put their work in front of the group. While we strongly respect anyone with the guts to tell a story, all our members are way past those wet nose days. Come if you need the inspiration. But if you're still working out the basics, this is not the group for you.


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